Sirel Natural Beauty

Sirel means to be loved in Armenian.

I started my natural cosmetic brand because I wanted to show my love for my friends and family by giving them a high quality product that makes them feel loved. I use the finest all natural, vegan and organic ingredients to create soaps, creams, lotions and bath bombs. When people use my products I want them to feel special, unique and cared for. I don’t use sythetic perfumes or colours, everything you put on your body should be good for you.

I am inspired by my grandmother, she used to collect plants and herbs in the forest near her home and transform them into jams, teas, creams. Everything she made was special to her and I try to create the same feeling of care and family love by making Sirel personal. Everything is hand made with love, so if you want a special message hidden in a bath bomb (and maybe a ring) or a note for your mum inscribed in a bar of shea butter and Belgian chocolate artisan soap.

Rebranding by Ferenc Hetsch