Luminari Glass

Luminari Glass Formatervezési Díj 2015

LUMINARI glass is a special collection of extraordinary quality tiles, panels and dividers, designed and created with technology, precision and care.

LUMINARI glass is a collection of decorative interior products made of glass layered with different materials. This collaboration between design studio S39 and the glass manufacturer Rákosy Glass came to life after many years of partnership. S39 is a designer collective that was established in 2006 and deals with artistic and design approaches that question the way we perceive the world around us. Their design practice, their brave yet playful use of materials, techniques and ideas is unmistakable.

Rákosy Glass is a family business established in 1981, their main focus is customised architectural glass production. LUMINARI is a unique decoration made of quality materials. Decades of professional experience gives the background for this experimental production, where unexpected combinations of materials come alive in daring patterns. The design is created with deep knowledge of technologies and materials, and pushing these boundaries gives the traditional use a new twist.

A LUMINARI Glass az S39 Hybrid Design és a Rákosy Glass közösen alkotott exkluzív üvegterméke. A hagyományos burkolati és üveg térelválasztó rendszerek közül különleges anyaghasználatával, magas technológiájával, kifinomult, karakteres kollekcióival, kortárs design-szemléletével tűnik ki.

Role: Brand Managing 2015

Graphic Design: Agnes Herr